Top Lake

The Top Lake of Tinney Waters holds many Carp ‘doubles’, as well as our stock of Tench.
A good head of Rudd, Golden Rudd, Perch and ‘skimmer’ Bream are also to be found which makes this an ideal lake for beginners, or those who just like to dangle a maggot (like Sally!).


Middle Lake

The Middle Lake of Tinney Waters contains most of the species that we stock.
Some of the larger carp are to be found in this lake along with some large bream. 


Bottom Lake

The Bottom Lake of Tinney Waters is very secluded, being the furthest from the accommodation. Good sport can be had with some decent sized, very strong fighting carp.




Fish Species

  • Carp (Common, Mirror, Koi, Ghost and newly stocked with Crucian!)

  • Tench

  • Rudd

  • Golden Rudd

  • Perch

  • Roach

  • Bream